Dynamic Testing Machines for Fatigue Tests

For decades, the ZwickRoell Group has been successfully providing solutions for dynamic materials testing. Our experts work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure ideal solutions for all industries.

From a compact servohydraulic tabletop testing machine to a multi-axis test portal in the mega Newton range—we can meet any of your challenges.

Along with dynamic testing machines and fatigue testing systems, the product portfolio offered by the ZwickRoell Group includes specimen grips, measurement and control electronics, testing software, and hydraulic components. We offer a wide variety of solutions—from hydraulic power packs and hydraulic piping to single testing actuators—to meet your individual testing needs.

The control electronics are a key factor in determining the efficiency of the dynamic testing system. Powerful solutions for fatigue tests available from the ZwickRoell Group include Control Cube for multiaxial applications and modernizations and testControl II for complex testing situations.

Dynamic Testing Machines for Fatigue Tests

Product Overview of Dynamic Testing Machines

Servohydraulic Testing Machines

Used to determine durability, these servohydraulic testing machines are suitable for tensile, compression, and alternating load tests.

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