Russian Research Center Relies on Testing Technology from ZwickRoell

The Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) is the leading Russian research institute in the field of aeronautical engine development. In order to further advance the development of energy-efficient drive technologies, the institute chose a fatigue testing machine from ZwickRoell.

In the future, CIAM will use the Vibrophore 100 from ZwickRoell. The testing system can perform tests up to 100 kN and at test frequencies up to 285 Hz. Through this combination, fatigue tests on materials and components can be carried out with very high efficiency.

ZwickRoell Vibrophore 100

The testing system is also equipped with a high-temperature furnace (up to 1,250 °C) to allow for accurate simulation of temperatures in the drive unit operation. CIAM mainly uses the testing system for high cycle fatigue (HCF) tests.

In an HCF test, load cycles are only run in the linear-elastic range of the material. One key application is the determination of the fatigue limit of a material or component. The fatigue limit is usually determined using a Woehler curve (s/n curve), where various stress and strain amplitudes are applied to the specimen until it fails. The Woehler curve is determined using constant amplitudes; the Gassner curve is determined using variable amplitudes. These characteristic curves are also determined at various temperatures.