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High cycle fatigue tests on concrete-reinforcing steel

With more than 44,000 employees, DEKRA is one of the leading testing services companies in Europe. In addition to their focus on testing of motor vehicles and industrial equipment, the company is expanding their testing services portfolio into other industries. For dynamic testing of concrete-reinforcing steel, ZwickRoell delivered a 250 kN Vibrophore to DEKRA’s facility in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Purpose of the test

The newly acquired 250 kN Vibrophore is mainly used for high cycle fatigue tests and (quasi-) static tensile tests on concrete-reinforcing steel (to ISO 15630, among other standards) up to a maximum test load of 250 kN.

The concrete-reinforcing steel specimens are prepared according to their diameter and then tested using a mechanical clamping device. The tests are performed according to country-specific standards. The standard selection is made in accordance with the end customer.

The objective of the test is to verify fatigue life characteristics in compliance with standard requirements. An independent testing body provides the concrete reinforcing-steel producer with the declaration of conformity.

Our testXpert Research software solution is used for fatigue testing and testXpert III for static tests.

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