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ZwickRoell delivers high-capacity testing machines to Mexican universities

Due to the increasing developments of metal alloys as well as research in the field of structural and reinforcing steel, small testing machines are no longer sufficient for university laboratories. The required force range often exceeds 300 kN,which is why two universities in Mexico chose high-capacity testing machines from ZwickRoell.

University of Monterrey

The University of Monterrey was looking for the right testing machine for tensile tests on steel, mainly reinforcing steel, with a force range of more than 350 kN. They also wanted to have the ability to test flat and round specimens, and had high demands on the evaluation capabilities of the testing software.This was especially important, because the machine would be used for both educational purposes and research projects.

University of Matamoros

The requirements of the technological institute at the University of Matamoros were similar. The university needed the ideal testing machine for the research center’s mechanical testing laboratory to perform tensile tests on steel and steel alloys up to 300 kN. Since the institute also performs contract testing for companies in the region, the ability to determine change in width was also an important requirement.

Testing solution from ZwickRoell

For both projects, ZwickRoell was able to meet the necessary requirements with an E-series testing machine for high test loads (400 kN and 330 kN).These materials testing machines feature a wide measurement range,which also allows for precise determination of low test loads, without the need to convert the testing machine.A makroXtens extensometer is used for strain measurement. This extensometer can be used up to specimen break, even when using high forces and brittle specimen material. With the testXpert III testing software and the All-in-Suite, the universities have access to all test fixture and evaluation options. ZwickRoell’s overall modular approach provides the option to expand the machines with additional equipment (e.g., flexure test kit, high-temperature furnace, etc.) in the future.

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