ARBM 120 Rotary Bending Machine

The rotary bending machine can be used for rotating bar bending fatigue tests in various industries including rail transport, energy, automobile, aerospace, and academia.
Rotary bending machine for rotating bar bending fatigue tests to DIN 50113-1982 and ISO 1143-2010


Key Advantages and Features


Description of Operation

The purpose of the rotating bar bending fatigue test (as per DIN 50113-1982 and ISO 1143-2010) is to determine the bending fatigue strength properties of round specimens under rotating load. During determination of bending fatigue strength the specimen is subjected exclusively to alternating loading in order to obtain a mean value of zero between positive and negative loads of equal magnitude.

As the greatest stresses occur on the surface of the specimen, the condition of the surface is of particular importance in this test method.

The rotating bar bending fatigue test can also be performed with an optionally available high-temperature furnace at elevated temperatures up to 850°C.

Advantages & features

Technical overview