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Materials Testing Machines for Torsion Testing

  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Automotive
  • Medical
Test load
  • 2.5 - 250 kN
  • 2 - 2,000 Nm
Type of test
  • Uniaxial or biaxial torsion test
Special feature
  • Can be used in different testing machines

Testing Machine for Biaxial Torsion Tests

Torsion drives from 2 Nm to 2,000 Nm are available for torsion tests on materials or components. ZwickRoell supplies a variety of testing machines to cater to different requirements, including varied installation options.

These torsion drives were developed as a modular system, making them suitable for retrofitting as well. A Master Test Program for multiple test axes plus a graphical sequence editor for four test axes are available in the testXpert III testing software. The TorsionLine testing machines with horizontal testing axis and optional weight loading unit are available for pure torsion tests. Users of all these machines have the benefit of testControl measurement and control electronics.

The modular design allows retrofitting of torsion drives whenever required.

Torsion Tests on Pen Injectors

Function test on pen injectors using the zwickiLine materials testing machine with torsion drive

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features

Advantages and features
Torsion Testing with zwickiLine Materials Testing Machines
Torsion Tests with table-top and floor-standing testing machines

Advantages and features

  • Because of their modular design, torsion drives can be retrofitted to existing table-top or floor-standing testing machines at any time
  • Operation with standard PC (no additional interface card required) and testXpert III testing software
  • High-resolution rotation angle and travel measurement
  • Easy handling and user-friendly operation for maximum flexibility
  • Synchronization of the two test axes
  • The modular design allows for the use of a number of components from the ZwickRoell standard products portfolio, including specimen grips, test tools, temperature chambers and more
Materials testing machines 2.5 kN for torsion testing

Torsion Testing with zwickiLine Materials Testing Machines

Torsion drives can also be used with zwickiLine materials testing machines for uniaxial and biaxial tests (tensile or compression combined with torsion) on materials and components. This combination, in which the two test axes can be synchronized via the testXpert III testing software, enables torsion tests from 2 to 20 Nm.

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Materials testing machine 100 kN for torsion testing

Torsion Tests with table-top and floor-standing testing machines

Another solution is the integration of torsion drives into table-top and floor-standing testing machines for torques from 2 to 200 Nm or 100 to 2,000 Nm. The torsion drive can be mounted on the upper crosshead or the moving crosshead. If required, the torque transducer can be combined with a load cell. The load cell used (tensile and compression) must allow the maximum torque. High-resolution rotation-angle and travel measurement allows excellent repeat accuracy to be achieved.

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Technical Overview

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