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Determination of the Breakaway and Turning Torque on Screw Caps

Push and turn tests on screw caps

This test determines the superimposed compression/torsional forces on opening and closing of childproof containers or pharmaceutical packaging. For this, a zwickiLine tabletop testing machine of Fmax 2.5 kN and an additional torsion drive of 5 Nm torque are used. The two test axes can be used for independent or combined axial/torsion tests as required, the package being opened via a rotary movement with superimposed axial loading. Important parameters are the required opening torque and the functioning of the childproof mechanism.

Test fixture for tip cap breakaway torque with a single-axis testing machine

Torque is applied to tip caps on disposable medical syringes to determine their breakaway torque. The syringe barrel is gripped firmly in a holding fixture. The tip cap is held in a positive-fitting fixture with toothed pulley and belt. The end of the tip cap is carried in a support bearing. To prevent transverse frictional forces, the holding fixture and support bearing are mounted on a common precision slide carriage. During the test the positive-fitting tip cap holder is turned 180° by testing machine travel. This ensures that the tip cap is fully twisted off.

Torsion tests on eye drop bottles

This test fixture is rotated via a gearbox ratio by driving the crosshead. The integrated torsion transducer records the torque throughout the entire rotation. 

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