Pneumatic Control Unit

ZwickRoell control units comply fully with the requirements for safe operation as contained in the relevant standards.

The ZwickRoell Group offers two versions of the pneumatic control unit.:

  • Pneumatic control unit operated via foot switch
  • PC-controlled pneumatic control unit

Significant Advantages and Features

Foot Control

Highest Level of Safety

  • The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC imposes stringent safety requirements on pneumatic control units.
  • Inching mode and low actuation pressure provide optimal protection against pinching/jamming. The jaws open immediately if the pedal is released during closing.
  • If the Emergency STOP switch is activated, the machine's electrical chain brings the jaws to a halt immediately or returns them to the safe starting position in inching mode.
  • If the air or power supply is interrupted, the jaws will not make any uncontrolled movements or they are returned to the safe starting position in inching mode. Intentional one-time opening is available.
  • When the machine is switched off, the pneumatic control unit is in a "safe state".
  • The maximum closing speed of 10 mm/s, as required by the standard, is constant and independent from the supply pressure.

High Functionality and Ergonomics

  • This pneumatic control unit can be used in conjunction with all pneumatic grips from the ZwickRoell portfolio.
  • In the event of pressure fluctuations or power supply failure, the pressure in the grips remains constant, and test results are not affected.
  • The ergonomic design of the rocker pedals ensures a high level of operator convenience.
  • The rocker pedals are hard anodized and protect against wear and tear.
  • The inching mode function enables correction of specimen alignment during the gripping procedure.
  • The closing pressure is indicated via a pressure gage, with stepless adjustment from 3 bar to 10 bar.
  • Maintenance and service friendly design (for example, manual bleeding).
  • A connection is made to the specimen grips and safety circuit of the testControl/testControl II control electronics.

PC controlled

  • The pneumatic control unit can be used in conjunction with all ZwickRoell pneumatic specimen grips with nominal forces from 200 N to 100 kN. This is a cost-efficient alternative to hydraulic grips.
  • The "Force Constant Hold" force stabilization system reliably protects the specimen from unwanted tensile or compression forces due to material flow or grip deformation during the closing and gripping process.
  • The gripping force of the specimen grips can be adjusted via two selectable operating modes, depending upon the properties of the specimen and the test conditions.
  • Ease of use and documentation of test parameters with the testXpert III testing software ensures reproducible, operator-independent test conditions.
  • The control unit has a maintenance-friendly design and offers comfortable remote control operation.
  • The gripping force can be adjusted for the application with the testXpert III stepless adjustable pressure from 1 to 10 bar, making it traceable and optimal for the test requirements.
  • The specimen grips are controlled via the ergonomic remote control or with testXpert III.

Technical Overview

Foot control




Pnömatik Kontrol Ünitesi

Basınç sensörü

3 ... 10


izin verilen, ayarlanabilir çalışma basıncı

3 ... 8


Adaptör, tedarik

Nipel NW7

Bağlantı çeneleri

Kaplin fişi (NW5)

Ortam sıcaklığı

+10 ... +35


Ağırlık, tahmini



PC controlled




Pneumatic control unit

Operating pressure PB

6 ... 10


Power consumption:




100 ... 250



50 ... 60


Weight, approx.



Ambient temperature

+10 ... +35


Standart made in Germany

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