Serial and Parallel Tests on Syringe Systems 


Parallel Glide Force Tests on Multiple Syringe Systems

One application is for example, syringes used in syringe drivers. In this case the syringe plungers are depressed over a lengthy period. To reduce the test time the testing machine can be upgraded to 6-8 test axes with the corresponding number of load cells. This enables individual force recording for each syringe. 

This fixture comprises an AllroundLine table top testing machine expanded to 6-8 test axes to hold the corresponding number of load cells. It is suitable for use both in a laboratory and for in-process monitoring, and is used to test various frictional forces between the syringe plunger and barrel or the sealing rings in the syringe barrels. The syringe holding fixture can accommodate syringes of various sizes, as well as two medium containers for catching the expelled liquid. This fixture can be used to test frictional forces on cartridges. The force sequences can be synchronized thanks to the individual height adjustment feature.


Serial Testing of Syringes