Modernization of servo-hydraulic testing machines

The modular RetroLine modernization packages for servo-hydraulic testing systems can easily be tailored to your individual needs and testing requirements. Modernization of your testing machine usually includes renewal of the measurement and control electronics and the testing software. If necessary your modernization can involve a complete solution package with replacement and re-engineering of the hydraulic components Areas of application range from materials characterization on single-axis materials testing machines to complex component-testing on multiaxial testing systems, for example simulation tests. 
Modernisierte servohydraulische Prüfmaschine Typ Schenck-Trebel mit testControl II

RetroLine retrofit kits can be compiled individually from the following basic elements

  • ControlCube or testControl II digital measurement and control electronics
  • Suitable testing software, e.g. testXpert Research or Cubus
  • Special retrofit kits for adapting existing sensors such as load cells, extensometers etc.
  • New hydraulic power-pack or adaptation of existing hydraulic components
  • Proportional or servo valves, hydraulic hoses or hydraulic accumulators
  • Additional sensors, specimen grips and test fixtures from the comprehensive ZwickRoell accessory range can be retrofitted.

Advantages and features

  • over 20 years' experience in modernizing materials testing machines
  • warranty for newly installed components, as with new machines
  • renewed long-term service and support
  • rapid assistance via Hotline and in the event of repairs
  • enables validation of the testing machine in accordance with the latest quality standards
  • re-use of expensive components such as extensometers and specimen grips
  • existing load cells converted and re-calibrated

Solution using testControl II

testControl II measurement and control electronics

Modernization with testControl II measurement and control electronics is an ideal match for single-channel testing machines. testControl II is the optimum control system for standard tests or determination of material properties and impresses through its unique capabilities in dynamic loading (fatigue tests), component testing and low-cycle fatigue.

The combination of testControl II plus intelligent testXpert Research software represents a high-powered team when it comes to precise control and intuitive operation. Modular software design handles standardized tests to ISO/DIN or ASTM standards and specific tests with equal facility.

Solution using Control Cube


Modernization with Control Cube digital measurement and control electronics is employed for multichannel and/or complex servo-hydraulic testing systems. The Control Cube servo controller is also the optimum modernization solution where frequent test-arrangement changes are involved. As well as established standard tests, Control Cube technology is also used for modernizations in conjunction with component and assembly testing. The system’s modularity and flexibility make it ideal for multi-channel applications and simulation tests.

Along with the Control Cube servo controller you will receive the current version of the Cubus testing software. Cubus features a simple, well-structured, innovative user interface, while its flexibility and modular design allow system configurations for testing requirements ranging from the simple to the complex.

Keeping things rolling – Spherical plain bearing manufacturer relies on testing technology from ZwickRoell

Rod ends and spherical plain bearings can be found in almost all areas of machinery and plant manufacturing. NIRO spherical plain bearings and NIRO rod ends are used in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry as well as in packaging machines and in ship and yacht building. Customers in the automobile industry especially, place high demands on supplied parts. For this reason, Fluro opted for a testing system from ZwickRoell for its quality control.
ZwickRoell RetroLine