Determination of breakaway force and glide force for hypodermic syringes, carpules and similar drug delivery systems

ZwickRoell has developed a special test device for tests on hypodermic syringes, carpules and other similar drug-delivery systems to determine the forces (breakaway, glide) on the closure. The glide-force test is based on EN ISO 7886-1, EN ISO 11499 and ISO 11040-4. The adjustable specimen holder allows all common specimen geometries to be used, with stepless, tool-free adjustment via a hand-wheel to accommodate the specimen diameter.

The test device is designed for test loads up to 1 kN and is suitable for hypodermic syringes from 5 to 50 mm in diameter and 30 to 150 mm in length. The flexible ZwickRoell adapter system allows fast installation and removal of the test device – weighing only 3kg –from the testing machine.

Summary of advantages:

  • test device consists of a support/holder below and a die above
  • includes a glass beaker to catch any escaped liquid
  • swiveling guide-jaws with two different radii for optimum guidance
  • die with concave seat ensures syringe plunger is centered
  • easy attachment of customized mounts
  • device has apertures for visual monitoring of glide path
  • insertion and removal of specimen via a quick-release fastener allows specimen diameter setting to be retained
  • carpule holders optionally available for standard sizes 1.5 ml and 3.0 ml
  • testXpert II enables direct connection to optional scales.