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Alphagary Trusts ZwickRoell's Testing Machines for Reliable Test Results

About Alphagary:

Alphagary in Vadodara manufactures speciality compounds, formulated from a variety of polymers, that are purpose-designed for a wide range of applications. Alphagary also formulates stabilizers, plasticizers and colourants designed for use in vinyl compounds.

Alphagary has bought a melt flow indexer, universal testing machine, shore hardness tester & sample cutting press. The melt flow indexer is used for melt flow testing according to ASTM D1238 & ISO 1133. The precise temperature control allows for testing the moisture-sensitive materials as per ISO 1133-2. The plot position of the piston vs. actual temperature vs. test time makes the procedure traceable for later analysis in case of doubts.

The universal testing machine with an extensometer is used for tensile testing of plastics ASTM D638 & rubber dumbbell specimens ASTM D412. The extensometer is a sensor arm type extensometer that provides extension measurement till the break of the specimen with  a very high resolution of 3 microns on test specimens having any gauge length of 10mm to 200mm.

Customer Feedback:

“We thank the ZwickRoell team in Vadodara for the sales-related consultation & guidance, smooth installation & their local after-sales support. We are also happy that our test results are comparable with the test results received from our counterpart in the UK.” - Manager, Quality & Technology, Alphagary, Vadodara.