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Keeping Things Rolling – Spherical Plain Bearing Manufacturer Relies on Testing Technology from ZwickRoell

Rod ends and spherical plain bearings can be found in almost all areas of machinery and plant manufacturing. NIRO spherical plain bearings and NIRO rod ends are used in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry as well as in packaging machines and in ship and yacht building. Customers in the automobile industry especially, place high demands on supplied parts. For this reason, Fluro opted for a testing system from ZwickRoell for its quality control.

The automobile industry not only sets the highest quality standards for itself, it also demands the same from its suppliers. Quality control, in particular the material characteristics of the supplied parts must be consistent. The spherical plain bearings and rod end manufacturer Fluro relies on a testing system from ZwickRoell for this purpose.

This testing system includes a testing machine from Schenck (Fmax 100 kN) that has been modernized by ZwickRoell. After replacing the control electronics, testing software, and accessories including the hydraulic power pack and recooling unit, Fluro now has a state-of-the-art testing machine.

In addition to having the supplied specimen grips, Fluro has also manufactured its own special specimen grips for the rod ends. The rod ends are gripped using non-positive clamping and afterward, several hundreds of thousands of cycles are force-control tested.

„Previously, we would always have our dynamic tests performed by an external testing laboratory. With the solution offered by ZwickRoell, we can not only perform tests more quickly and easily, we are also saving costs in the interim” states Georg Binder (Assembly manager at Fluro ) as he explains the decision to work with ZwickRoell. In addition to dynamic testing machines, the laboratory in the Swabian town of Rosenfeld has already put a Type Z100 static testing system from ZwickRoell  into operation.

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