Tensile Tests on Soft Elastic Foam and Film

ISO 527-3, ASTM D882

Tensile test ISO 527-3 wafers and films
ISO527-3 tensile test and films testXpert II screenshot

Film and soft elastic foam with a thickness of up to 1 mm are tested using strips or dumbbells. The typical specimen shape used in ISO 527-3 and ASTM D882 is a strip specimen. This specimen shape can be easily produced using a specimen or film cutter. Dumbbell specimens are often used in quality control. For this, a direct measurement extensometer is required to measure the specimen strain directly at the specimen.

Typical test results are characteristics such as

  • Yield stress
  • Yield strain
  • Maximum stress
  • Nominal strain at break

When testing strip specimens, the strain at break results depend on the specimen shape and the type of specimen gripping used. We recommend the use of parallel clamping specimen grips. The grip inserts should be arranged so there is linear contact between the jaw and the specimen.



zwickiLine with 2 test areas: Tensile and compression test

Tensile test on foils to DIN EN ISO 527 and compression test on foam to DIN EN ISO 3386-1/2