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ZwickRoell’s Technical Support Center Helps Customers Keep Their Testing Systems Running Smoothly

Have a question? Need help troubleshooting? The Technical Support Center (TSC) at ZwickRoell in North America has the expertise and knowledge to help you solve any issue you encounter with your testing system or software. We spoke with Robbie Alexander, TSC Manager, to find out more about what the TSC does, how it works, and who makes up this important team.

ZR: What is the Technical Support Center (TSC) at ZwickRoell in North America?

RA: The TSC helps customers get their machines back up and running if they’ve encountered a software error, electrical issue, or mechanical malfunction as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have the ability to remote into your system and diagnose the problem over the phone. Our services include troubleshooting, identifying parts that need to be replaced, software support for program design, and software updates and upgrades. We can also provide you with a quote if we determine that a visit from a Field Service Engineer is needed.

ZR: Who makes up the TSC Team? 

RA: We are a local team of technical specialists, senior engineering specialists, stage one engineers, a manager and a support administrator. We have over 80 years of experience in materials testing applications and testing systems.  

ZR: What happens when a customer calls in to the TSC?

RA: When a customer calls or emails the TSC we first collect all of the information we need to log a case and provide the customer with a case number. This ensures that the status of their case can be tracked at all times. We then send the case to the technical expert who can provide the best support. Depending on the issue, we can remote into the customer’s system to troubleshoot, or provide support over the phone or via email. If needed, we can quote parts and/or a service visit by a field service engineer. We close the case only once the issue has been resolved.

ZR: How can customers reach you?  

RA: If your issue is urgent, the best way to reach us quickly is by phone at 678-695-5757.  You can also email us at We’re here to help all of our customers find the answers to their questions.