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teachXpert – The Testing Machine for Lecture Halls

teachXpert – The Complete Package for Every Lecture

teachXpert is a complete and mobile testing machine for classrooms and lecture halls. The 2.5 kN zwickiLine with videoXtens extensometer can conveniently demonstrate all aspects of materials testing anywhere. The mobile cart is equipped with everything you need to demonstrate a test with flexibility and ease. 

The integrated PC includes a complete installation of the latest testXpert testing software version with all available test programs. All ports (VGA, USB, and HDMI) are easily accessible so that you can connect teachXpert to your projector, making it possible to project the test on the projection screen. The USB port allows you to conveniently display additional lecture material such as PowerPoint and PDF presentations.

The videoXtens camera synchronously records and plays back the test in the testXpert testing software, making the materials test a tangible experience for students and an integral part of the lecture.

Key Advantages and Features

  • Practice-oriented and lively lectures through live test runs in any lecture hall or classroom
  • State-of-the-art technology for academic education
  • Applicable for internships in the laboratory
  • videoXtens for non-contact strain measurement and recording via Video Capturing
  • Integrated PC for performance of the test, recording and documentation
  • Lecture accompanying presentations can be directly connected to the cart via USB stick and presented in parallel
  • Standard-compliant tests can be performed through more than 600 prepared Standard Test Programs from the testXpert III All-in-Suite Education
  • All testXpert III functions are available

Component Overview

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