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Abul Khair Steel (AKS) Bangladesh relies on ZwickRoell 250kN UTM for Rebar and HR Coil Tensile Test

Since 1953 Abul Khair Group is the most trusted name in the corporate world of Bangladesh. Abul Khair Steel (AKS), the largest multi-diversified steel manufacturing unit in South Asia. It started its journey with interest in providing a complete solution to its customers in structural steel. Now it is the industry leader in the construction steel industry in Bangladesh.

In the flat steel category, AKS started as a single manufacturing unit of Corrugated Galvanized Steel Sheets in 1993 in Chittagong, with over 750000 MTPA. Long steel, AKS is the single largest steel facility in Bangladesh, producing 1.4 MTPA since 2009. The plant is equipped with state-of-the art TMT technology to cater for the growing demand for high-quality construction steel in the country.

To test the characteristics and behavior of the Rebar & HR coil, an electro-mechanical Universal Testing Machine (UTM) with a capacity of 250kN and accurate strain measurement is required. AKS has purchased 250kN advanced UTM from ZwickRoell with an automated unit for strain measurement for the quality control of its product. 

“The tests performed with the new ZwickRoell machines are according to ISO 6892-1, ASTME8/E8M. The test results are considerably more accurate, repeatable & reproducible. Thanks to the sensor arm extensometer, which Auto-clamps specimens perpendicular to load axis without human interference. The 250kN AllroundLine model truly is a universal machine to perform tensile, compression, and flexure tests of rebar & metal sheets. The electro-mechanical drive technology of the machine brings down operation costs. The testing machines have been running with extreme reliability from the outset and offer us everything we need – for the current and future requirements.” Quoted from the AKS management.

Reliable test results with the ZwickRoell

Furthermore, the machine is ready to be integrated with robotics in future to increase throughput in specimen testing, heading towards Industry 4.0.

Details of the comprehensive ZwickRoell solution:

  • Advanced tensile tests: The electro-mechanical testing machine Z250SN with ZwickRoell's makroXtens II covers the complete range of tensile testing, applications and offer maximum flexibility. Besides force-controlled & position-controlled-test, it is ideal for strain rate-contoelled tests according to ISO 6892-1
  • Customization: Apart from the rebar tests per international standards, AKS also wanted to test the HR coil in the same machine set up. ZwickRoell provided modular jaw inserts for testing  flat and round samples without changing the heavy grips.

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