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For Quality Assurance Rübig Relies on ZwickRoell Materials Testing Machines

Since its foundation in 1946, the company has grown from a small die forging entity to the internationally successful RÜBIG Group. The Heat Treatment and Industrial Furnaces divisions are experts in the heat treatment of steel and aluminum materials. The company’s level of innovation is driven forward across divisions through intensive research and development. Today, the RÜBIG Group is a high-tech provider in a number of fields including the aerospace and automotive industries, medical engineering, mechanical engineering, motor racing and high-performance tool manufacturing. The development and advancement of new ideas are an important catalyst for RÜBIG.

As part of the RÜBIG Group network, customers benefit from innovative solutions with extensive consulting expertise, particularly in the area of materials technology. Sustainability and environmental awareness have been top priorities at RÜBIG for decades, which puts the company in a technological leadership position for zero-emission plasma technology, which was developed in the Heat Treatment and Industrial Furnaces divisions, and is also used for forged products.

In the heat treatment of metallic materials such as steel and aluminum, material properties are individually tailored. For control of these processes, specimens produced to DIN 50125 Form B are tested for compliance with RÜBIG’s high quality requirements.

The testing of round tensile specimens is usually carried out with closed-loop strain control to ISO 6892-1 Method A 1. The AllroundLine Z250 SR is optimal for this test method. The AllroundLine not only exceeds the high requirements of the ISO 6892-1 standard, but the high stiffness of the machine, the reduced overall height and the outstanding expansion options have also impressed the customer.

Another deciding factor for the purchase of the ZwickRoell testing machine was the testXpert III testing software. The templates and device settings are very user-friendly and simple, allowing for quick familiarization with the test. “The result reports are very individualized and easy to set, and have an appealing layout. This is very rare for testing machines, which makes it even more exciting for us that ZwickRoell is able to provide these features,” said Norbert Pirzl, Head of Material Analysis at RÜBIG.

The combination of testing machine, testing software, consulting and the comprehensive range of services provided by ZwickRoell strongly convinced RÜBIG. To summarize our joint collaboration Norbert Pirzl provided the following review, “Very fast, very reliable test, and – because it is a ZwickRoell testing machine – also trustworthy and conclusive results.”

The comprehensive equipment offering in the RÜBIG materials laboratory for destructive and non-destructive materials testing and metallography, as well as the fact that it is a certified testing laboratory, allows test orders for research and development from other companies to be accepted and carried out reliably.