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The universal hardness tester Download
Test methods
  • Rockwell
  • Brinell
  • Vickers
  • IIT
Test load
  • 0.2 - 250 kg
  • R & D
  • ISO 6508
  • ASTM E18
  • ISO 6506
  • ASTM E10
  • ISO 6507
  • ASTM E92
  • ASTM E384
  • ISO 14577
  • ASTM E2546

More than just hardness testing

The ZHU/zwickiLine+ universal hardness testing machine is based on the zwickiLine+ materials testing machine. It can be used both for traditional hardness testing methods such as Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell and ball-indentation, and for the innovative instrumented indentation test method for determining hardness as well as other material parameters of metallic materials (Martens hardness, ISO 14577). In addition, cyclic indentation tests with increasing test load or indentation depth and partial unloading are implemented in the testXpert hardness edition testing software.

Video of ZHU/zwickiLine in action

The ZHU/Z2.5 is the most flexible, most versatile hardness testing machine in the world. It results from the installation of a hardness measuring head in the zwickiLine testing machine.

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Extended range of application
Advantages of the ZHU/zwickiLine+
Features of the optical testing unit


Overall the hardness measuring head covers all hardness tests employing indentation measurement, including:

  • Martens hardness HM, instrumented indentation test
  • Rockwell hardness scales A to K, N, T, plus HMR5/250
  • Rockwell hardness scales R, L, M, E, K, α
  • ball indentation hardness (for plastics)
  • Vickers depth measurement HVT
  • Brinell depth measurement HBT

Instrumented hardness testing for determination of the Martens hardness HM of metals is standardized in EN ISO 14577-1. The purpose of this standard is to define a universal hardness scale. This scale covers all hardness grades from thermoplastic films to very hard metals, enabling improved comparability of material behavior.

The force-indentation depth curve and different sequences of the loading process allow more comprehensive description of mechanical material properties, including:

  • plastic and elastic portions of the indentation energy
  • Martens hardness HM
  • volume hardness HMs
  • indentation hardness HiT
  • elastic indentation modulus Eir
  • creep behavior
  • creep relaxation behavior

Extended range of application

In addition to the classical methods of hardness testing (Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell) and to the instrumented indentation test, the following applications are also possible thanks to zwickiLine+:

  • Fully automatic Vickers and Rockwell hardness traverse tests (Jominy end-quench test, Vickers tests on ceramics)
  • Ball indentation on plastics
  • Cyclic tests on paper or ceramics
  • Materials testing in general (e.g. tensile/compression tests)

Advantages of the ZHU/zwickiLine+

The core components of this precision measuring system are the innovative hardness measuring head, the zwickiLine+ hardness testing machine with state-of-the-art testControl II measurement and control electronics and the intelligent testing software testXpert hardness edition. An add-on unit with measurement optics is optionally available for optical hardness testing methods.

  • The combination of a zwickiLine+ with the hardness measuring head and testing software testXpert hardness edition results in an innovative test system with a wide range of applications.
  • Universal application with fully automatic test sequence for practically any hardness testing method, regardless of material.
  • Automatic display of force-indentation-depth curve regardless of method, for comprehensive materials characterization in instrumented indentation test to ISO 14577.
  • Multiple use as a hardness testing machine and/ or as a testing machine for tensile, compression & bending tests.
  • High operating comfort with changing test conditions due to fast and precise AC drive and large test area, e.g. for different specimen sizes.
  • Versatile result presentation: single and statistical values, graphics, onscreen display, and test reports can be varied as required.

Features of the optical testing unit

  • Flexible adaptation of test parameters, e.g. approach speed, loading and unloading rates.
  • Ability to test HM and HV with one indentation.
  • Test load-indentation depth curve can be displayed and evaluated with all test methods.
  • Optical monitoring of specimen surface.
  • Traverse tests can be freely defined and imported and exported. This applies to all methods.
  • Any desired hardness traverse tests can be performed in addition to Vickers traverse tests.
  • These features apply when optical hardness test methods are used.

Technical overview

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