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Impact Tensile Strength/Impact Tensile Tests

ISO 8256, ASTM D1822
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Brief explanation of impact tensile test to ISO 8256 / ASTM D1822

  • The method for the determination of impact tensile strength on plastics, or the performance of impact tensile tests is described in ISO 8256 and ASTM D1822, whereby two methods are possible.
  • Method A uses a dumbbell specimen that is placed in one end of the clamping fixture. A yoke is fixed to the other end. During the test, the pendulum hammer takes the yoke with it and loads the specimen in the tensile direction until break. Some of the potential impact energy of the pendulum hammer is used to set the yoke in motion, and some of this impact energy is used by the deformation of the specimen. Test results from tests with the same pendulum-yoke combination can be compared directly.
  • The standards define correction methods for various combinations. These enable approximate comparability.

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