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Solutions for Research and Education

The development and application of new materials and technologies over the years has played a significant role in the development of mankind. A considerable number of these innovations are developed in universities and associated institutes. That is why there is an enormous push in research and education worldwide to, on the one hand, increase competitiveness, and on the other hand, address global challenges, such as climate and environmental protection. Some of today's key areas are lightweight materials, intelligent materials, biomaterials, and composites.

Reliable data management in the area of research

With testXpert the collection of research data is reliable, archiving is traceable, and the data is made available for long-term future evaluation.

Research data is an essential foundation for scientific work. The diversity of the data corresponds with the variety of different academic disciplines, knowledge interests, and research methods. Research data include, among others, measurement data, lab results or specimens that are generated, developed or evaluated in the scientific work.

The long-term reliability and provision of research data supports the traceability and quality of the scientific work and opens important connection possibilities with future research. testXpert offers a variety of options to meet the requirements of universities as well as higher level organizations.

Flexible interfaces

With flexible interfaces to testXpert, testControl and hardware components, a ZwickRoell testing system can be adapted for nearly every application. Wide range real-time signal conditioning in testControl significantly reduces complexity and error rate.

Training motivation

The Education Module 2.0 guarantees scientifically based expert knowledge in a simple way with illustrative examples from the field of materials testing. Intuitive self-study can significantly increase competence and opportunities for materials scientists. The Education Module 2.0 is the ideal way to supplement classical teaching methods, such as lectures, seminars, or internships. For students or others interested in materials testing, the ZwickRoell Education Module is an interactive tool for the introduction to materials testing basics.