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Competence Center

Data management – the main topic at this year’s testXpo

Intelligent data management and dependable data integrity together with reliable test results build the foundation for successful and future oriented testing.

  • Modern data management provides the necessary situation-appropriate laboratory workflow parameters. The test / system data obtained can be used effectively by authorized personnel for analysis, processing, and archiving in support of innovative services.
  • Data integrity relies on the various dimensions of traceability, providing both internal and external customers/auditors with not only the where and how, but also the what, when, why, and who of data, ultimately protecting it against tampering by unauthorized persons during processing, transfer and saving.
  • At testXpo 2021, practical hands-on scenarios present how modern data management and data integrity are implemented at ZwickRoell and how our customers can effectively meet the increasing demands in this area.

ZwickRoell core technologies

  • For innovative testing technology, it is necessary to understand and continuously develop its core elements. ZwickRoell therefore focuses on five key areas in technological development: Drive technology, specimen grips/test tools, sensors, electronics and software.
  • Experience the ongoing development of ZwickRoell core competencies—including the extreme flexibility and accuracy of our extensometers—in person and hands-on.
  • This interaction will provide you with an understanding of the essential features and requirements of an efficient testing program, as well as the importance of reliable test results.