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ZwickRoell Testing Solutions for Composites

ZwickRoell provides intelligent solutions for all common quasi-static test methods and for fatigue testing of fiber-reinforced composites. Modular tools, optimum operating convenience, exact alignment of the specimen grips, and well-designed operator safety features ensure reliable test results in materials research and in quality assurance. New products include specimen grips for cap-strip-free testing of GRP and CFRP fiber strands as well as new tools for CAI and shear testing.

    Modular testing system for composites

    • Large testing labs with correspondingly high throughput rates use several different large testing machines for the individual test methods to minimize the time and costs involved in rebuild. The standardized test methods can be divided into the following force ranges:
    • Forces up to 1 kN: flexure tests, energy release rates, tensile tests on single filaments
    • Forces up to 10 kN: shear tests, for example, IPS, ILSS, and V-notch, tensile tests on filament strands, UD 90° tensile tests, tensile tests in the thickness direction
    • Forces up to 100 kN: UD 0° tensile test, MD tensile tests for smaller laminate thicknesses, compression tests to ISO, ASTM and EN standards, notch compression tests, bearing pressure tests
    • Forces over 100 kN: tensile and compression tests to Airbus standards with corresponding laminate thicknesses, compression after impact