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Testing Solutions for the Metals Industry

Metals are, and will remain, important construction materials worldwide. A high percentage of steel materials can be recycled many times over and are therefore considered sustainable. Understanding their material characteristics is essential for design engineers and people who use these materials.

Collected material characteristics must be available to all pertinent areas of an organization through an intelligent data management system. At testXpo ZwickRoell will provide a live presentation of the possibilities offered by the testXpert testing software.

Here, test parameters and characteristic values must be able to be reliably collected, stored, and recalled. Data management also means securely transferring and evaluating values and parameters in a centralized and decentralized manner.

Optical and contact extension measurement

Contact extensometers

These extensometers are used for direct extension measurement in tensile tests, flexure tests, and alternating load tests. They all feature a wide measurement range that can be steplessly adjusted to suit the specimen being tested. Clip-on extensometers and extensometers with sensor arms are in direct mechanical contact with the specimen via knife edges positioned at right angles to the gauge length.

  • Extensometers with sensor arms
  • Digital and analog clip-on extensometers
  • Extensometers for compression tests and flexure tests

Non-contact extensometers

The differentiating advantage of extensometers featuring non-contact measurement is that they can be used right up to break without risk of damage, even with specimens that are critical in this respect.

  • videoXtens extensometer
  • laserXtens extensometer
  • lightXtens extensometer

Fully automated testing systems

Automated testing systems eliminate operator errors, improve repeatability of characteristic values, and increase specimen throughput. ZwickRoell's automated testing systems help satisfy these requirements. ZwickRoell has developed a modular system for robotic testing systems that allows the required tests to be carried out efficiently and reproducibly. Solutions can be customized using standard components. A team of experts ensures the high availability of the automated testing systems.

At this year’s testXpo we will present different robotic testing systems for a variety of applications. In addition to integration of different measuring systems, the focus will also be on intelligent data management and a connection with the customer’s IT environment.

The automated testing solutions are not limited to only static materials testing, but are also used in hardness testing. With artificial intelligence automatic evaluation of hardness indentations is quick and precise.