16x9 Drop Weight Testers

ZwickRoell Drop Weight Testers Reach New Heights

ZwickRoell is proud to complete its drop weight testing line with the introduction of the Amsler HIT line. With the addition of these instruments, ZwickRoell can outfit a plastics testing lab with a complete suite of mechanical testing machines and instruments. In addition to the HIT230F previously offered by ZwickRoell, three new capacities of drop weight testers have been added:

  • HIT600F
  • HIT1100F
  • HIT2000F

The ZwickRoell line of multiaxial impact testers is flexible and adaptable to a plastic or composite lab’s needs. The configuration of a ZwickRoell drop weight tester can be matched to the requirements of the lab. These drop weight testing machines offer compatible testing to:

  • Puncture tests on plastics according to ISO6603-2, ASTM D3763
  • Izod
  • Charpy
  • Tensile impact
  • Pre-damaging of fiber-reinforced composites (Compression After Impact)
  • Component testing
  • Specialty automotive testing standards

Switching between test setups is simple and efficient. All machines and instruments also use ZwickRoell’s intuitive testXpert III software platform, making training simple. If high speed or energies are required, an acceleration unit is offered as an option. Testing at temperature is possible with the HIT1100F or HIT2000F with an optional sliding temperature chamber.   Some advantages of a ZwickRoell drop weight tester include:

  • High natural frequency for accurate test results
  • High data acquisition rate
  • Operator-friendly operation
  • Sturdy drop guides
  • Secondary impact prevention
  • Automatic lubrication of the striker available

To learn more about ZwickRoell’s line of drop weight testers visit our website or contact us at info.us@zwickroell.com.