A striking solution: ZwickRoell has impact tests on polymers completely covered

Together with tensile and flexure tests, Charpy impact tests are the most frequently performed mechanical tests in the polymer industry ZwickRoell's HIT range of pendulum impact testers are available from 5 to 50 joules and offer a solution combining high precision with cost-effectiveness.

'4-3-2-1' is the theme of ZwickRoell’s wide range of products for Charpy, Izod and impact tensile tests on plastics: 4 models, 3 automations, 2 types of specimen preparation and 1 name - HIT! The pendulum impact testers are available in four different versions (HIT 5, HIT 5.5, HIT 25, HIT 50) from 5 to 50 joules, making them suitable for all popular standardized tests including Charpy (ISO 179-1 and 2, ASTM D6110) and Izod (ISO 180, ASTM D256, ASTM D4508).

In total, three different automation solutions are available from ZwickRoell for its HIT pendulum impact testers. All three offer highly cost-effective, safe and reliable testing and range from a specimen magazine (roboTest H), which can be attached to the pendulum impact tester, to a solution employing a 6-arm industrial robot which can also be combined with several pendulum impact testers. Another advantage of these automated testing solutions is that specimens can be temperature-conditioned, then tested within five seconds of being removed from the temperature-conditioning magazine.

Reliable test results begin with correct preparation of the specimen. Two different systems are available from ZwickRoell; a manual notching plane and a manual notching plane and an automated notch-cutting machine for efficient, standard-compliant specimen preparation.

Just as these testing solutions all share one name, all the tests involved are controlled and evaluated by one testing software - testXpert II. testXpert II offers the customer a uniform testing platform for all applications and instruments.