roboTest X Robotic Testing System

The roboTest X robotic testing system offers customized solutions for special applications.
roboTestX robotic testing system with vibration feeder

Key Advantages and Features


Examples of roboTest X robotic testing system applications:

  • Compression testing on iron ore pellets
  • Measurement of color transmission and reflection on plastic panels
  • Roughness measurement
  • Use as a specimen blanking machine for elastomers

Advantages & features

  • Operator influences (hand temperature/moisture, off-center or angled specimen insertion etc.) are eliminated for high test result reproducibility
  • Qualified laboratory staff are relieved of routine activities, making them available for more complex tasks
  • Machine can be used during idle times (lunch breaks and night shifts), which utilizes the full capacity and produces faster results
  • Testing system reduces the testing costs per specimen and typically pays for itself within one to two years
  • System allows for reliable documentation and statistical long-term monitoring