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Test tools for metals

Innumerable standards come into play in the metals industry, for which we have developed special test tools. Following you will find a small selection of these: compression spring test fixtures, cupping tests, indentation tests, flexure tests and test tools for blind rivets.

Test on springs

  • Applications: Compression spring test devices specifically for testing precision springs in a range from 1 to 2500 N (Accuracy Class 0.5) or 0.5 to 2500 N (Accuracy Class 1). Can also be used for tensile tests. 
  • Specimen material: Cylindrical helical compression springs with spring height up to max. 350 mm and spring diameter up to max. 95 mm.
  • Advantages:
    • Load cells are resistant to transverse forces.
    • All load cells are designed in accordance with ISO 7500-1, Supplement 2. They include a precision alignment unit and mechanical protection against overload or excess travel (see load-cell table below ). A manufacturer test certificate M to DIN 55350-18 is included.
    • The compression platens are conveniently located in front of the guide columns and can be aligned simply and precisely.
    • Parallelity of these precision compression platens (optionally including measurement transducer) in unloaded condition is 1 µm/10 mm diameter (max.). The platens have a polished surface and are demagnetized. For platens with measurement transducer the maximum transducer travel is 3 mm, measurement uncertainty ± 1 μm and resolution 0.1 µm.
    • Device can also be used for tensile tests.
    • Direct spring height measurement optionally possible.

Cupping tests and indentation tests

  • Applications: Hardness indentation testing based on Brinell hardness
  • Specimen material: Metals, wood
  • Function description: The ball indenter for metals and wood is connected to the load cell via an adapter as standard. During the test, the ball indenter for metals and wood is pressed into the specimen.
  • Advantages: With hardened steel ball for hardness indentation test based on Brinell hardness, including 5 replacement balls

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  • Product information: Precision compression spring test device PDF 2 MB
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  • Product information: Test devices for mechanical tests on blind rivets PDF 891 KB