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Testing Alternative Drives

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Traction Motor Testing

To achieve a high degree of efficiency with traction motors, unconventional paths are often taken: complex sheet metal stampings, thinner sheet metal, and high performance magnets for permanent excitation. In this example, release forces are measured to ensure the permanent magnets are firmly secured.

Testing of Energy Storage Systems

The biggest challenge of electric mobility is energy storage. High storage capacity at low weights, quick charging capability, and a high number of discharge/charge cycles are just a few of its core requirements. The lithium ion battery is one option for energy storage. Its complex design requires high process safety; otherwise, the migration effects on the electrodes will reduce the battery's level of performance.

You can determine whether and to what extent such migration effects occur by the adhesion of the individual layers. A test strip is adhered between two massive carrier plates and pulled apart. The measurement is the maximum force that is required to separate the layers. Since the separation process ends within a few seconds, machine control, acceleration of the testing machine and its data acquisition rate must be designed for this quick process Only in this way can the adhesion strength be determined reproducibly. testControl II and testXpert are flexible tools that provide reliable results even for these short term tests.

Fuel cells and their bipolar plates consist of various components, such as gas diffusion layers, membranes, and electrodes.

Other critical components can be found in the fuel cell stack or fuel cell system. These are tested in order to ensure the operating safety and the longevity of a fuel cell. One example is measuring the exact thickness of the gas diffusion layers. Two test areas in the load frame allow you to quickly and easily change tests. Compression tests are performed in the lower test area via three measuring transducers to measure the deformation. With this method, the uniformity of the deformation over the entire specimen surface is monitored. In flexure tests, the flexural strength is determined with the 2-point flexure method on extremely flexible, short pieces of film in the upper test area.

Testing of Pressurized Hydrogen Storage Systems

Using hydrogen to store energy is an important building block for moving toward emission-free vehicles. Pressurized hydrogen storage designed for use with pressures up to 800 bar has an important task. Extensive materials tests in a realistic environment are necessary to protect suitable materials such as fiber-reinforced composites and composites.

Tests on Electromagnetic Actuators

Today, an automobile without electric actuators would be unimaginable. Engines, linear solenoids, and piezo stacks support the driver and ensure dynamic, safe, and low-emission driving. A non-destructive materials test delivers data by adhering to the specified properties and functions, such as the force/stroke characteristic curve determination of an electromagnetic actuator. testXpert and testControl control the supply unit and the testing machine. This example shows the full flexibility of a modern testing machine, which covers a much wider testing spectrum than just materials testing.

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