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Testing of Semi-Finished Products

Semi-finished products made of metals are sometimes finished pre-products that are either placed in storage for later processing in-house or delivered to other companies and finished at their sites.

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ZwickRoell offers numerous testing machines specifically designed for the testing of pipes.
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Castings and forgings

ZwickRoell offers testing machines for tensile tests, torsion tests, and fatigue tests on castings and forgings
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Testing of bolts, screws and studs

As fasteners, bolts, screws and studs are not only considered universally important in industry settings, but also for every day purposes, making them subject to strict safety requirements.
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Testing of nuts

In addition to screws, nuts are also universally considered important fasteners and must therefore be strictly controlled.
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ZwickRoell offers a wide range of solutions for weld seam tests or testing of riveted joints.
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