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Portal-type test bench for dynamic tests on components to customers' order

The latest addition to ZwickRoell’s testing laboratory is a modular portal-type test bench, designed to handle large components such as goods vehicle axles. 

ZwickRoell's materials and component testing laboratory in Ulm is equipped for both quasi-static strength tests and cyclic dynamic fatigue tests. The laboratory is available for pre-testing customers' specimens and fortests to customers' order on a wide range of materials and components. The latest testing system is a modular portal-type test bench for dynamic contract testing. Its hydrostatic-bearing single testing actuator enables both uniaxial and biaxial tests on components, while a test-area height of 2,340 mm and cleartest-area width of 2,000 x 4,000 mm allow the test bench to accommodate large components, for example during dynamic fatigue tests on goods vehicle leaf-springs. 

Maximum static and dynamic nominal forces are 250 kN. A key factor in the high level of performance of a system such as this is the measurement and control electronics used, together with the associated testing software. ZwickRoell’s answer is the Cubus testing software and Control Cube servo controller. Control Cube's sampling rate of 4kHz plus test data acquisition with 19-bit resolution make it ideal for cyclic testing. Other features include an intuitive user interface plus flexible modular design.

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