Determination of the Plunger Glide Force on Syringes

Plunger actuation force DIN EN ISO 7886 1

Plunger glide force on single-use syringes to DIN EN ISO 7886-1

The test fixture is used to determine the plunger glide force on sterile single-use syringes for medical purposes, using fluid contents (water) to EN ISO 7886-1, Annex E (2017).

The test fixture consists of an upper and a lower clamping device to hold the syringe and a height-adjustable fluid reservoir.

To perform the test, the fluid of the filled syringe shall be expelled into the reservoir via a standard needle (18 G). The needle is connected to the tubing via a Luer connector. During the test, the ZwickRoell testing software is used to record and evaluate plunger travel, breakaway force and the maximum and mean glide force.