ZwickRoell to Showcase Solution for Fully Automated Small Series Medical Testing

ZwickRoell will showcase roboTestN, the first collaborating robotic system for materials and components testing, at the SMi Prefilled Syringes East Coast 2020, April 27-28 in Boston. For years, permanently installed robot systems in testing labs have been performing one successful test after another. They relieve qualified personnel from tedious and boring series testing, whether it be 100 specimens or 1,000. A ZwickRoell innovation has elevated this concept to new heights: with roboTest N even small series tests can be automated and performed quickly. 

The cobot is fully integrated with the ZwickRoell automation software autoEdition3, and can be used without a robot operator panel. Special knowledge of robot programming or operations is not required. The roboTest N easily and flexibly supports employees in the testing laboratory with monotonous or time-consuming tests. Integration of customized specimen magazines, which for example, were manufactured by 3D printing processes, underscores the system’s adaptability and capability to extend the workday based on the capacity of the magazine. With its compact, space-saving design, the cobot is easily integrated in existing testing labs because it does not require complex operator safety measures thanks to its safety-enhanced construction.

ZwickRoell’s Industry Manager for Medical & Pharmaceutical in North America, Michael Goehring, will also hold a workshop on drug delivery device testing solutions at the conference. In the drug delivery device testing world, the regulatory requirements add complexity to the simplest of tests. What occurs when the testing moves from simple to multifaceted involves an exponential amount of effort to meet industry demands.

On Wednesday, April 29 from 1 pm to 3 pm, he will address topics such as syringe testing and spring simulation as well as auto-injector and pen injector testing to ISO standards. The workshop will end with demos and a discussion about fulfilling regulatory demands such as Title 21 CFR Part 11.

roboTest N features at a glance:

  • Full automation for small series testing relieves qualified personnel
  • Compact construction, no necessary safety measures required, easily retrofitted with existing machines
  • Flexible use, including for future testing applications
  • Easy operation due to full integration with the ZwickRoell software environment; special knowledge of robot programming and operation is not required


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