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Body over Wedge

Hydraulic grips Download
  • Metals
  • Fiber composite
Test load
  • 150 kN - 250 kN
Specimen shape
  • Flat specimens
  • Round specimens
Type of test
  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Alternating load

Double acting and symmetrical gripping

The hydraulic grips are double acting and are used for symmetrical gripping.

Positively driven jaws enable reproducible gripping of the specimen. The symmetrical design and high degree of stiffness of the main body of the grips make them ideal for tests in which strict requirements are placed on the alignment of the specimen to the test axis.

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Function description
Advantages of servohydraulics


  • The constant gripping force allows for repeatable test results.
  • Reliable test results are guaranteed with the optimal interaction between the hydraulic power pack, the electronics, and the testing software. The force-zero control prevents unwanted forces on the specimen during the gripping process.
  • The specimen grip is suitable for alignment-critical applications, such as specimens sensitive to transverse tensile forces.
  • With the parallel gripping operation (no differential movement of the jaws) the test speed is transfered directly to the specimen.
  • Fast and easy insertion of specimen due to the ergonomic and open design.
  • An adjustable centering stop ensures precise test results, even with high specimen throughput rates.
  • When testing composite specimens for example, the specimen grip offers advantages due to easy cleaning.

Function description

The specimen grips are symmetrically closing wedge grips, which are opened and closed hydraulically. Only the outer casing is moved vertically via the hydraulics. The movement of the housing causes the wedge jaws to be pushed parallel to one another in a horizontal plane.


The body over wedge hydraulic grips for servohydraulic testing machines provide a high level of operating convenience.

When used with servohydraulic testing machines they are connected to the existing pressurized oil supply. A small power pack is required for use in static materials testing machines.

Advantages of servohydraulics

  • Suitable for static tensile and compression tests and for fatigue tests under pulsating and alternating loads
  • Optionally available for superimposed torsion loading
  • Nominal forces 25, 100, 250 and 500 kN
  • Interchangeable jaws for flat and round specimens of different dimensions
  • Radial jaw guides prevent unwanted axial stresses in the specimen
  • Open-sided design for easy specimen change
  • Adjustable gripping pressure for soft specimens such as wood and plastics

Technical overview

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