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Body over Wedge

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Wood
Test load
  • 10 kN
Specimen shape
  • Round specimens
  • Flat specimens
Type of test
  • Tensile

Wedge grips with pneumatic actuation

With specimen grips from the body over wedge portfolio, the position of the jaws remains constant in the test direction as the specimen is gripped. This means that the grip-to-grip separation does not depend on the specimen thickness.

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Function description
Pneumatic control unit for specimen grips

Function description

The pneumatic specimen grips emphasis is on fast, reproducible and, most importantly, parallel gripping. Full gripping force is available right from the start, so that the static jaws transmit the test speed directly to the specimen.

Simple extensions are used in combination with temperature chambers The pneumatic actuator is positioned outside the chamber.


  • Whether you are testing sensitive specimens or specimens with short clamping lengths, these symmetrically designed grips guarantee optimum clamping.
  • When determining the exact nominal strain the grip-to-grip separation does not depend on specimen diameter. This minimizes set-up time.
  • Reduced weight plus a compact design simplify handling, ensure short heating and cooling times in the temperature chamber. and enable long travel.
  • Absolutely secure gripping right from the start of the test for specimens prone to light slippage.

Pneumatic control unit for specimen grips

The closing force of the pneumatic grips can be steplessly set via a pneumatic control unit, which ensures the safe gripping of a wide range of different materials. The opening and closing of the specimen grips can be controlled by foot switches or the remote control of the materials testing machine for greater operating comfort.

More information about the pneumatic control unit

Technical overview

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