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Pneumatic control unit

Special feature
  • For pneumatic grips

Reliable operation in accordance with all standards

The ZwickRoell Group offers two versions of the pneumatic control unit:

  • Pneumatic control unit operated via foot switch,
  • PC-controlled pneumatic control unit.

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Function description
Highest level of safety
High functionality and ergonomics
PC control

Function description

The gripping pressure of the specimen grip can be set steplessly and reproducibly via a pneumatic control unit. The specimen is held securely and jaw breaks are prevented during the test.

The opening and closing of the specimen grips can be controlled by foot switches or the remote control of the materials testing machine, providing great operating comfort.

Highest level of safety

The ZwickRoell pneumatic control unit satisfies all legal requirements*. The following functions guarantee maximum safety for the operator:

  • Inching mode, closing movement of the jaws only as long as the pedal is being operated. In the event of a hazardous situation, removing your foot from the pedal will cause the grips to switch to a safe condition immediately.
  • The maximum closing speed of 10 mm/s gives time to react and is independent of the supply pressure.
  • Reduced pressure during the closing process provides additional safety.
  • Electrical interlocking with the machine Emergency STOP ensures system-wide safety.
  • If the air or electricity supply is interrupted the grips will not make any uncontrolled movement but will remain in safe condition.

*e.g. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, BIA Fact Sheet/ Worksheet 330 216

High functionality and ergonomics

Specimens are always gripped and held perfectly, regardless of the properties of the specimen material, ensuring reliable test results and short cycle-times.

  • Constant, reproducible gripping force, even with specimen thickness reduction or pressure fluctuations in the compressed-air system.
  • High gripping forces enable easy clamping of specimens prone to slight slippage.
  • Foot control leaves your hands free, for example for dimensionally unstable specimens.
  • Hard-anodized rocker pedals ensure convenient operation.
  • Closing pressure is indicated via a manometer on the control unit, with stepless adjustment from 3 bar to 10 bar.

PC control

  • The pneumatic control unit can be used in conjunction with all ZwickRoell pneumatic specimen grips with nominal forces from 200 N to 100 kN. This is a cost-efficient alternative to hydraulic grips.
  • The "Force Constant Hold" force stabilization system reliably protects the specimen from unwanted tensile or compression forces due to material flow or grip deformation during the closing and gripping process.
  • The gripping force of the specimen grips can be adjusted via two selectable operating modes, depending upon the properties of the specimen and the test conditions.
  • Ease of use and documentation of test parameters with the testXpert III testing software ensures reproducible, operator-independent test conditions.
  • The control unit has a maintenance-friendly design and offers comfortable remote control operation.
  • The gripping force can be adjusted for the application with the testXpert III stepless adjustable pressure from 1 to 10 bar, making it traceable and optimal for the test requirements.
  • The specimen grips are controlled via the ergonomic remote control or with testXpert III.

Technical overview

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