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Roller Grip

  • Textiles
Test load
  • 2.5 kN - 250 kN
Specimen shape
  • Strips (bands, belts)
Type of test
  • Tensile

The specialist for belt testing

The gripping force is generated by self-gripping via multiple looping and exact strain measurement is performed using optical extensometer systems.

Advantages & features

Function description


  • Ergonomic design for fast, easy specimen insertion
  • Low overall height of the specimen grips allows specimens with large elongations to be tested.
  • Suitable for tests in temperature chambers
  • The grips are suitable for clamping-sensitive specimens.

Function description

These roller grips are used for testing tensile strip specimens.

In tests with these grips optical extensometers are used for accurate strain measurement.

The self-clamping action of the grips is generated by multiple looping of the specimen and the application of tensile force.

Technical overview

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