Quick Change Device

Testing Alignment-Critical Materials? Quick-Change Device Makes Accurate Positioning Easy and Efficient

Are you testing brittle materials such as fiber composites, ceramics, cast iron, or glass? Or is alignment simply crucial to your application? ZwickRoell has developed a quick-change device for fast, tool-free changes of test arrangements to ensure accurate positioning.  It can be mounted directly to the alignment fixture for axial offset and angle correction, or onto the base of a zwickiLine testing machine or the AllroundLine TPM. With an integrated dovetail centering feature, setting up your testing arrangement is fast and easy.

  • Saves time when changing between tests
  • Ensures reliable test results with accurate positioning and precise alignment of the test axis
  • Suitable for tensile and compression applications, even under alternating loads
  • Ideal for use in temperature chambers thanks to rust-proof design and temperature-resistant characteristics
  • Compatible with ZwickRoell connectors for flexibility
  • Facilitates high test throughput and prevents operator errors  

For more information, see our Product Information or contact info.us@zwickroell.com.