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03.11.2022 ical

How testing can contribute to sustainability in your industry?


Sustainability is one of the megatrends of our time and affects us in all situations. For almost all industries sustainability is becoming a very pressing issue – especially due to uncertain supply chains and the massive increase in the cost of energy and gas as well as the pressure from society. Companies are therefore paying increasing attention to energy efficiency, reducing emissions and the reusability of their products, as well as minimizing pollutants and waste. Testing plays no or only a minor role in achieving their sustainability goals up to now. However, there is great potential in the testing process, the testing system and the integration in the product life cycle. This presentation will provide impulses and starting points on how testing can contribute to the achievement of your sustainability goals.

Presented by

Jochen Niederberger, Industry Managers Medical/Pharma
Wolfgang Richardt, Product Manager After Sales