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12.11.2020 ical

High Strain Rate Tension Testing of Lightweight Materials for Automotive Crash Simulations


This webinar/demo sheds some light on the topic of high strain rate testing, and provides information supported by examples on how reliable high speed material characterization data can be obtained to support automotive CAE crash simulations. An overview of the latest generations of high speed testing machines and systems is first provided, then some testing technical details (test samples, test procedure, the use of DIC, issues with high speed testing, etc.) are discussed. A live demonstration is also performed to provide hands-on experience and give the audience a feel of the details involved in high rate tension testing. Finally, high speed testing results obtained with some of the latest generations of lightweight automotive materials are presented, and the influence of deformation rate on material behavior is discussed.

Presented by

Fadi Abu‐Farha, president of FADI-AMT LLC