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21.10.2020 ical

The ZwickRoell Polymer Testing Lab


ZwickRoell supplies all types of equipment needed for the mechanical testing of plastics. This includes equipment to determine static, dynamic and high-speed properties such as tensile, flexural, compression and shear, as well as creep machines for the long-term application of force or strain, instruments to measure impact properties, such as conventional Charpy, Izod and tensile-impact, and instrumented impact systems, also available as drop-weight testing machines. There are several versions of melt flow plastometers, ranging from simple MFR types to user friendly automatic instruments. Thermal properties are measured by using HDT and VST instruments. In the field of hardness measurements, we offer shore, IRHD, ball indentation and Rockwell instruments. Two specialists will give an overview of all test methods and the related products, including specific answers to typical questions.

Presented by

Helmut Fahrenholz, Industry Manager Rubber & Plastics and David Phillips, Market Intelligence