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25.10.2021 ical

Maximizing testing machine runtime – tips for increasing the service life of your machine and working with new testing applications


You are currently using a ZwickRoell testing machine and want to maximize service life without compromising on modern software, standard compliant testing with the latest technology or operator safety. Or maybe you have a materials testing machine from another manufacturer and would like to technically standardize your laboratory to increase efficiency. Our After Sales team can answer your questions on the benefits of a software upgrade, how you achieve more flexibility and better test results by retrofitting your existing equipment with the latest test tools, and what we do to always keep the topic of safety at the forefront. If your testing machine—regardless of manufacturer—has reached the peak of its performance, we can extend the service life by many years through a modernization and ensure the availability of spare parts and service. Innovative products such as our new Condition Monitoring software feature additionally provide an overview of the condition of your machine. You will find more information on your machines, as well as service documents through our customer portal. This portal also provides you with online access to available accessories and contact information for any questions you may have regarding your testing machine.

Presented by

Wolfgang Richardt and Jürgen Seiffert, Product Managers After Sales