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11.11.2021 ical

Modernizing servohydraulic and dynamic testing machines – visualized through a variety of practical examples


You are currently using a servohydraulic / dynamic testing machine from ZwickRoell or from another manufacturer and would now like to work with the latest software and hardware technology with the goal of attaining reliable test results.

We can help you understand the benefits of a modernization, and how you can give your machine new life by retrofitting components and implementing the most up-to-date safety technology and Windows-compatible testing software.

  • If your testing machine—regardless of manufacturer—has reached the peak of its performance, we can extend the service life by many years through a modernization and ensure the availability of spare parts and service.
  • Our innovative testXpert Research software and testControl II, our digital measurement and control electronics system, are essential components of the modernization project—test results are centrally stored, allowing access at any time and from anywhere.
  • We also offer the optimal solution for modernizations of DIY test rigs with our multi-channel controller Control Cube with the accompanying Cubus testing software.

Presented by

Thomas Klemm and Marko Pucelj, Product Managers After Sales