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05.05.2021, 10:35 am - 11:20 am ical

Current Trends and Projects in Creep Testing Applications


In this workshop, you will receive insight into the current trends and projects in the field of creep testing. Get to know the different test solutions, which meet the diverse test requirements of e.g. metals, composites or ceramics. Find out how easy it is to determine the hydrogen embrittlement according to ASTM F519 and ASTM F1624 and see the demonstration of a space saving multistation test system. Use this workshop as an opportunity to meet our creep testing expert and allow us to get to know your creep test requirements.

Presented by

Lukas Unger, ZwickRoell Fürstenfeld, Austria

Lukas Unger is a sales and project engineer at ZwickRoell in Fürstenfeld and has his background in mechanical engineering and business economics. He is also responsible for product management of creep testing systems. He is with the ZwickRoell family for more than 8 years and during this time, he has succeeded in many interesting creep testing projects.


  • May 5th, 2021
  • 10:35 - 11:20 am (CEST)