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20.10.2020 ical

High-Speed Tensile Tests: Findings from ISO Standardization


High-speed tensile tests are typically used for standardized specimens to generate materials data for crash simulation purposes. As more and more powerful simulation software tools become available, there is also an increasing interest in generating materials data. Laboratories in the automotive industry and in R&D, as well as at the materials producer site, perform high-speed tensile tests, even though it is difficult to validate single measurement curves due to a lack of comparison options. Within the framework of the standardization project ISO 22183, experts from different countries have performed comparison tests and developed criteria to recognize systematic issues with the test setup or the test method. This project supplied some interesting results that will be presented here. 

Presented by

Helmut Fahrenholz, Industry Manager Rubber & Plastics, member of ISO/TC61 and ISO/TC45