testXpo International Forum for Materials Testing Far Beyond the Standard

For Christin Ford, Lab Manager at Superior Essex, last year’s testXpo experience was anything but a typical exhibition. She and her colleague, Rod Kron, Materials Analyst, attended the 25th International Forum for Materials Testing held every year in October in Ulm, Germany. Superior Essex, with an office in Kennesaw, Georgia, is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of wire and cable products used in a variety of industries, including automotive, telecommunications, and industrial equipment.

As long-time customers of ZwickRoell USA, both Christin and Rod knew testXpo would give them the opportunity to see up close all of the testing solutions ZwickRoell offers. “There were so many applications far outside the standard and the presentation was amazing,” explains Christin. “But what surprised us were all of the networking possibilities. We were able to talk to other attendees and learn more about how they use their ZwickRoell materials testing machines. We even spoke with vendors we had been looking into working with. Because of this trip, we have now partnered with a company we met through testXpo to start test development in another field."

Both Christin and Rod agree that the accommodations, organization, and social events were top notch. They hope to make it back to testXpo in the future as their applications change and grow. Testing to standards is an essential part of their work, and learning more about them at this unique event is something they would recommend to anyone in the industry.
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