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Welcome to ZwickRoell Indentec

Founded in 1976, Indentec Hardness Testing Machines Ltd has been manufacturing a full range of hardness testing machines for almost 50 years. Indentec became part of the ZwickRoell Group in 2000, further broadening ZwickRoell’s expertise in hardness testing. As the competence center for Rockwell testing within the ZwickRoell Group, Indentec develops and manufactures machines for Rockwell hardness testing as well as calibration reference blocks for additional hardness methods. The design, development and manufacture of reliable and robust Rockwell hardness machines requires expertise in mechanical, electronic and software engineering. The deep knowledge of Rockwell hardness testing means Indentec delivers high quality standard products and an efficient customization program, ensuring customer needs are always met.

Rockwell hardness testing – decades of experience

Rockwell hardness machines measure the hardness of a material by measuring the depth of an indent in a sample surface. An indenter is used to apply a set load to the sample surface, and the indentation depth from the indenter is measured. This process requires precision in the application and control of the load and precise measurement of the depth of the indentation. The expertise developed at Indentec has produced a range of Rockwell hardness machines that present these precise qualities while remaining robust and reliable. The product range covers machines with fixed weight and machines with electronic closed loop force control.

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Fixed Weight Machines

Our range of fixed weight machines cover the full range of Rockwell Hardness testing, including Superficial Rockwell, Rockwell and combined Rockwell (Superficial and Rockwell). The use of a fixed weight to generate the applied load means performance is not sensitive to temperature, drift or electrical noise influence that could affect or bias alternative technologies. Different user interfaces are available with a range of additional features to fit different requirements and budgets.


Electronic Closed Loop Machines

Our range of electronic closed loop machines cover the full range of Rockwell testing. The range  covers Superficial Rockwell, Rockwell and combined Rockwell (Superficial and Rockwell) ranges. In addition the electronic force control machines feature specific applications for polymers and flooring. The use of electronic control loop technology produces a flexible Rockwell machine with specific advantages such as custom calibration and improved data handling.


Hardness Test Blocks

Indentec produces a wide range of metal hardness reference blocks for the calibration of hardness testing machines. These are produced in our facility in Brierley Hill in the UK, and calibrated in our own UKAS accredited laboratory. Using calibrated reference blocks to verify your hardness testing machine ensures confidence in the machine and results.


Customisation - Our Commitment to our customers

Our engineers have not only developed and implemented reliable testing systems, they have also gained a wealth of experience in applications, test environments, test types and testing systems. Please keep sharing your testing challenges with us so that we can continue to offer you the right solutions in the future. We regularly work with our customers to develop and deliver custom anvils, clamps, work rests and other accessories to ensure that your hardness testing set up works for you with a high level of efficiency to produce reliable results.


ZwickRoell Indentec

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Indentec Hardness Testing Machines Ltd
company registration number: 1252140 (England)
VAT number: GB287 531138


As part of  the ZwickRoell Group we are able to offer Indentec trained ZwickRoell employees in ZwickRoell locations around the world.