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Testing of electric vacuum motors with ZwickRoell

Domel Company is one of the largest European developers and manufacturers of electric vacuum motors, DC motors, EC motors, and components. The complexity of an electric motor presents many challenges during manufacturing and testing. Each component is essential to the functioning of the motor. It goes without saying that quality control of these components is extremely important. When Domel tests these components, it relies on ZwickRoell.

At their headquarters in Slovenia, individual components for the motors, as well as the housings, are manufactured. The plastic housings must withstand varying stresses and strains. For quality control of these components, Domel opted for a universal testing machine from ZwickRoell – and this for good reason:

The high level of flexibility the testing machine offers is crucial for Domel. Tests are currently being performed on 15 different pieces in quality control and all of these should be performed with only one testing machine. The AllroundLine Z050 testing machine met these requirements perfectly. The versatile testing machine enables a wide range of testing and makes retrofitting simple. This allows all current, as well as future, test methods to be implemented with a single machine.

At the moment, primarily compression tests on plastic housings are performed. In the process, pressure is built up inside the housing until a crack forms in the housing. The results regarding the crack behavior provide information about the quality of the material used and thus indicate whether modifications need to be made in the manufacturing process. 
 Another test covers the metal elements that are integrated into the inside of the plastic housing. Using a defined force, pressure is built up to measure stack`s height under pressure. Stack consisting of many layers of sheet metal is later built-in to final products of Domel or sold to other companies as half product.

The testXpert III software fully complements the testing machine. Not only do the over 600 included standard test programs make standard-compliant testing significantly easier, but also each test method can be saved in a separate system configuration. All relevant testing system and safety settings, such as crosshead position, tool separation, and sensor configuration, are defined once and saved. This system configuration is coupled with the previously selected test program. When loading the test program, all saved settings are loaded automatically, so that switching from one test method to another can be done easily and with minimal effort. 

From the very start of the cooperation, information regarding all requirements, the different test methods, and some other customer requests were gathered, to create an ideally customized quotation. This quotation, along with expert consultation and the high quality of the testing machine, convinced the customer that ZwickRoell was the right partner. An additional reason for choosing to partner with ZwickRoell was due to the recommendation from another of Domel’s plants. Tests are already being successfully performed there with two testing machines from ZwickRoell, which made the final decision easy. 

“The tests performed with the new ZwickRoell Z050 are going quite well. The test results are significantly more precise than the results from our previous machine. We are very satisfied with the performance of the machine thus far”, remarks Aljaž Gaser from Domel. Since day one, the testing machine has run extremely reliably and offers the customer everything they need – for their current as well as future requirements.