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The Technical University of Munich Relies on ZwickRoell for Fatigue Testing

The Institute of Machine Elements of the Technical University of Munich, also known as the Gear Research Center (FZG), is today’s leading international research institute for gears and transmissions. The focus of the institute’s research activities is the development of methods and tools for reliable determination of fatigue life, efficiency, and vibration characteristics of these components. To meet the requirements of future research projects, several servohydraulic test stands were modernized by ZwickRoell. 

Among the institute's main areas of focus is the analysis of the load bearing capacity of gear drives. Additional areas of emphasis are automotive technology applications, such as synchromesh systems, multi disc clutches and rolling element bearings. The observation of fatigue life, efficiency, friction and vibration behavior of gears and transmission elements is at the forefront of the institute’s research activities.

Experimental and theoretical investigations on transmission components and drive systems form the basis of research projects. The emphasis here is on the determination of the load bearing capacity of, for example, gear wheels (made of metal and composite materials). An important design parameter for gears is the tooth root load bearing capacity. Tooth root breakage is a type of damage that can significantly influence the lifespan or load bearing capacity of spur gears. The experimental determination of tooth root load bearing capacity of gears at the FZG is usually determined on pulsator test stands. The gears are symmetrically gripped between two plane parallel pulsator jaws. Subsequently, uniaxial pulsating compressive loads with test frequencies between 5-70 Hz are applied to the gear flanks to the point of failure due to tooth root breakage or reaching a previously defined maximum load.

ZwickRoell has equipped three existing testing actuators with new measurement and control electronics Control Cube and replaced the hydraulic power packs. With the new Cubus test software, tests can now be set up easily and intuitively, and different test options such as block programs, ramp tests or Dura fatigue tests are available.