High Definition Software

The high-definition (ZHμ.HD) testing software provides accurate, repeatable, and reproducible test results in the macro and micro ranges. ZwickRoell's tried and tested testing system offer unique functionality and meet all requirements to ASTM E384, ISO 6507 and ISO 4545.
High definition testing software for hardness tester

Significant Advantages and Features

Precise positioning

The ZHμ.HD software's overview screen shows the complete specimen and the annotation tool allows you to precisely position indentations.

Accurate and reproducible measurements

The ZHμ.HD software features high image resolution, enabling you to make accurate and reproducible measurements and indentions. The ZHμ.HD software increases productivity by offering a user-friendly interface, reliability, and auto-calibration, thus minimizing operator influence. The system can run over a long period of time autonomously and without interruption.

Test reports for stringent requirements

You can transfer the test results via testXpert II interfaces—the testing software for all ZwickRoell testing machines and instruments. Test reports are generated to suit your requirements.

The ZHμ.HD testing software is compatible with the following hardness testers:

  • ZHU250CL
  • ZHVμ
  • ZHV30
  • ZHV30/zwickiLine